Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival 2018

The inaugural ceremony for the 9th edition of Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival at Syn Lawns, Taj Deccan. The chief guests for the occasion were the lovely producers Swapna Dutt Chalasani & Priyanka C Dutt.


Gillo Theatre Repertory, Mumbai

August 3rd, August 4th & August 5th, 2018

“Chidiya, Udd!”

Directed by Shaili Sathyu

A visitor sits on the window sill every day. It is a little bird, in search of all the little things it needs. Curiosity brings the bird and a little child together and a new friendship begins. The two friends discover many things around them. We see glimpses of the time they spend together. Through the play we share their joys and discoveries. The play is inspired by baby poems and food rhymes from different Indian languages.

Tpot Theatre Company, Mumbai

December 12th, 2018

“The Exchange Student”

Directed by Trishla Patel

Krish’s world goes a bit topsy-turvy when an Italian exchange student, Cris, comes to live in his home. This exchange student is nothing close to what he expected. The everyday hurdles faced by a foreign student in our strange and exciting city becomes an eye-opener for both of them and we see two vastly different cultures leaning on each other and becoming one through their eyes.

Rahi Theatre Company, Mumbai

December 13th, 2018


Directed by Neha Singh

Jhalkari Bai is a theatre production based on the real-life historical figure, who was a Dalit (formerly known as Untouchables) soldier in the army of Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi. As has majorly been the case with Dalit history, accounts of her contribution to what was the First War of Indian Independence (1857) have been obliterated over time. She was an adept battle strategist and warrior, with an all-woman army at her disposal. A look-alike of her queen, she often stood in for the latter in battle. She met her end at the hands of British troops, when she was just 27 years old.

Our Theatre, Bengaluru

December 14th, 2018

“Just think about it”

Directed by Rahul Thomas

The play is set against the backdrop of a fictional Indian village, addresses the idea of inclusion by looking at the relationship between a serpent and the village folk. At a time when tolerance as a concept finds itself at crossroads in the socio-political milieu, the play seeks to challenge bullying-a strong obstacle to tolerance- among young audiences. Will the serpent, a victim of bullying in the hands of ignorant villagers, who seeks help from a wise Sage, be able to stand up for herself? Are the villagers ready to face the ramifications of their intolerance? The play, an adaptation of the popular fable ‘The Serpent’s Predicament’, uses puppetry and other interactive theatrical elements to stimulate dialogue among children, parents & teachers about inclusion and its role in creating a free, open accepting world.

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