Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival 2019

The 10th Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival was inaugurated by Mr. Shobu Yarlagadda, leading producer, co-founder and CEO of Arkamedia Works and
Mr. B.P Acharya I.A.S., the Director General for MCR HRD Institute and also Special Chief Secretary in General Administration Department for Telangana State.
It was followed by a 20-min puppet performance of Bhakta Prahlada by Ammapur Koyya Bommala Kala Brundam.


Katja Lindeberg & Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen from Norway in collaboration with ThinkArts International Festival for Young Audiences 2019, Kolkata

November 28th, 2019

“If Only Rosa Could Do Magic” 

Idea/scripts & Performance: Katja Brita Lindeberg

Some might say that Rosa has everything a child could dream of. She has lots of toys, the loveliest hair, and as many sweets as she can eat, but she has no friends to play with and her parents are always away. So, Rosa escapes to a dream world filled with dragons and frogs and parents who have all the time in the world to be with her.

Swangvale Productions, Balaghat

“Hil Mil Kar”

Directed & Performed by Dhanendra Kawade

Hil Mil Kar is based on the story, ‘Mitrasamprapti’, originally written hundreds of years ago by Pandit Vishnu Sharma. It is a musical Panchatantra play about four friends and how they learn to work together. This play is based on storytelling format in Indian tradition where the storyteller uses song, music, dance and symbols to narrate the story.


Written, Designed and Performed by –Dhanendra Kawade

A unique play for toddlers, it stresses on the primal bond between man and water – one of the most beautiful elements granted to us by Mother Nature. The play celebrates the essence of water; its music; the life it creates in its journey through its various forms and the importance of conserving it.

Dur Se Brothers Production, Mumbai

“Basti Mein Masti”

Directed & Performed by Yuki Ellias and Akshay Shimpi

Basti Mein Masti is a rollicking comedy about two thieves in search of the perfect job. Where will their final heist take them? Join these two in their crazy capers and adventures in this play full of masti!
This performance was part of the HCTF’s outreach programme.

“Elephant in the Room”

Conceived, Performed and Directed by Yuki Ellias

Inspired by the world of Indian mythology, the award-winning play – Elephant in the Room pays homage to the beloved God, Lord Ganapati, in this quirky and poignant reinterpretation of his story.

Theatre-In-Education Company (Sanskaar Rang Toli) of the National School of Drama, New Delhi

“Across the Sea”

Directed by Anurupa Roy

A non – verbal musical puppet performance, the play is an adventure which takes a baby penguin from Antarctica across the sea to Africa. In this journey baby penguin meets many new & strange creatures, makes friends fearlessly and without judgment. This is a story of friendship between unlikely people in today’s global world. This play addresses issues like being separated from family, adjustments and being free of prejudice and judgment. It celebrates diversity, differences and the spirit of childhood.

“Kisse Soojh-Boojh Ke”

Directed by Bansi Kaul

Chosen from an unending treasure of the tales of the wise and witty Mullah Nasruddin, this production is based on wisdom tales. What binds these stories, or ‘Kisse’, together, is laughter and jesting. Unseen colours find expression through physical movements, songs, and sound patterns which lend these tales their unique character.

Gillo Repertory Theatre, Mumbai

“Catch That Crocodile”

Adapted & Directed by Shaili Sathyu

A crocodile appears in the centre of town – no one’s sure how it’s got there, but it needs to be caught and returned to the river. Easier said than done, as various high-profile people of the town find out. The crocodile outsmarts almost everyone who tries to catch him, but he sure was not ready for little Meena.

Based on a story by Anushka Ravishankar and published by Tara Books.


Ammapur Koyya Bommalaata Puppetry Workshop

Sabrina Arusam’s Puppet Making Workshop

Lighting Workshop with Vikrant Thaker

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