Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival 2020

HCTF 2020 was our first foray into the digital platform. To explore this new medium, HCTF reached out to veteran practitioners in children’s theatre who created unique theatrical experiences, based on our three themes of ‘Courage’, ‘Creation Myths’ and ‘Being Different’. These themes were born out of our collaboration with Theatr Iolo, Wales and local theatre practitioners as part of the Connections Through Culture Program, British Council.




Inspired by Bijal Vachharajani’s ‘The Seed Savers’, published by Pratham Books

Adaptation and Direction by Shaili Sathyu

Produced by Gillo Repertory Theatre

Language: English

Age: 6+

Curriculum areas: Social Studies, Environmental Studies, Economics

Duration: 13 Minutes

THE SEED SAVERS’ is inspired by a real-life event about a group of women who join hands and courageously overcome a BIG problem they face every year. They are looking for a way to grow seeds that are happy. A journey that is full of challenges; a task that seems impossible; but, also a chance to sow happiness.

IG Live with Shaili Sathyu (File sent via mail)


Written & Directed by Dhanendra Kawade

Produced by Swangvale

Language: Non-verbal, Hinglish

Age: 3+

Curriculum areas: Environmental Science, Life skills

Duration: 20 minutes

‘Murgi ya Anda?’ Which came first?  A Digital Performance which asks all the right questions:

‘Perfection or Action?’

‘Do It or Think It?’

‘Black or White?’

‘Masculine or Feminine?’

‘Human Being or Being Human?’

and many more…

IG live with Swangvale


Directed by Art Apart

Produced by Art Apart & ThinkArts

Language: English

Age: Ages 5+

Subject of Interest: Geography, Environmental Science

Duration: 32 minutes

‘Once Upon a Tide’ is the tale of a family of eight hundred turtles spread all across the world, and their father who turns a hundred years old. To celebrate, these eight hundred siblings embark on a grand adventure to gather together at Velas, on the coast of India. This is their journey! This piece is a celebration of Diego, the real Giant Tortoise from the Galapagos who turned hundred earlier this year. In a breeding program, Diego was responsible for siring a whopping eight hundred offspring in his hundred years, thus reviving this otherwise endangered species.

‘Same Same Same Same’

Written & Directed by Ratnabali Bhattacharjee

Produced by Habijabi Productions

 Language: English

Age: 8+

Subject of Interest: Creative Writing, Poetry, English

Duration: 25 Minutes

“Everything is the same. Everything MUST be the same.” This is the law of the strange land we see in ‘Same Same Same Same’, steeped in tradition and culture that must not and cannot be disturbed. Enter Plumber Wala, who’s been called to fix the squirting potty water in the Queen’s commode. He is different – for one, he still has the sense of taste and smell, which no one else in the land has. What is the Queen going to do? What will become of Plumber Wala?