About Us

Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival

Over the 11 years since its inception, the Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival has hosted performances by 15 major Indian troupes and addressed over 100,000 children and adults in Hyderabad. Our eleventh edition in 2020 was HCTF’s first foray into the digital platform.

To explore this new medium, HCTF reached out to veteran practitioners in children’s theatre who created unique theatrical experiences, based on our three themes of ‘Courage’, ‘Creation Myths’ and ‘Being Different’. These themes were born out of our collaboration with Theatr Iolo, Wales and local theatre practitioners as part of the Connections Through Culture Program, British Council.

It has been two years now since the corona pandemic has impacted adults and children globally. Given the challenges of the current situation, HCTF 2021 plans to stay connected through offline, hybrid and online activities so that our audiences can choose how they would like to engage. HCTF 2021 is proud to announce the initiatives




Founded in November 2010, the Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival’s mission is to ensure that the future citizens of Hyderabad cultivate the most discerning palate for artistic and cultural activities. The children are presented with accessible art and culture of premier quality.